PROFILE--Phil Camp has been running for 56 years

Classic photo from the 1969 Culver City
Marathon, where Camp (398) finished
8th in 2:31
(3-19) Phil Camp goes back a few years and sticks out of the crowd. He's taller than most lifelong runners we know. Also faster, with a marathon best of 2:13. Truth is, he's even more impressive on a big Navy ship deck, where he has run a 4:39 mile on a sharp-turning eight-lap "track."

Your career profession? 22 year career as a Naval Officer and Aviator ('70-'92); Air Ambulance Pilot (7 yrs) Business/private jet pilot for Netjets (16 yrs).

When did you start running and why? Started running in my junior year of High School, Sept '63 because I could outrun the rest of the PE class in the weekly endurance run!

Peak running? Usually 70-80 miles/week and then 100 mile/week during a month leading up to a marathon.

Top performances or achievements? My best marathon was a 2:13:46 in