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We're not trying to sell you anything. (Thought it would be nice if you bought one of our books.) But we would like to tell your story on this website. We think it could inform and inspire many other runners like you.

If you're one of us--over age-60 and running for 25 to 30 years--we want to feature you with a PROFILE article.You don't have to be fast or famous; many runners "relate" more to mid-pack and back-of-the-pack runners. If you're a woman, we need you even more, since fewer women have been running for a quarter-century.

If you're interested, please send us an email. You can email either Amby, who's here, Or Gail, who's here:

We'll respond by sending you a list of email questions to answer. We'll also ask for a couple of digital photos. We'll follow up with a phone call if that's helpful.

Please reach out to us. We'd love to welcome you to Also, please tell your friends about this site. Thanks.