PROFILE--Lee Pollock has been running for 53 years

(Nov. 2019) Lee Pollock ran a 2:32 marathon in 1978, and a 2:57 in 2010. That makes him a member of the short list of runners with five decades of sub-3 marathon running. The college steeplechase star has spent most of his life in upstate New York, but he was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal, where he and his family have recently helped to build a three-story school in a remote community.

Career/profession? After college, I did 2 1/2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching math/science in Nepal (Asia).  Then lived in Boulder, CO doing various jobs that

PROFILE--Yolanda Holder has been powerwalking (lots of ) marathons for 21 years

(Nov. 2019) We usually don’t profile non-runners but Yolanda Holder, 61, is an exception that we think you'll understand. In 2010, she established a  Guinness record for most marathons in a calendar year, power walking a total of 106 marathons/ultras. (She finishes her marathons in less than five and a half hours.) In 2012, she broke her own record with 120. To date she’s power walked over 540 marathons and ultras.  

Holder is also known as the Walking Diva, and maintains a blog at She lives in Corona, CA, with her husband of 36 years, Rogelio. 

When did you start your power walking ways? I started power walking 20 years ago at the

PROFILE--Don Kardong has been running for 55 years

(Nov. 2019) Don Kardong should have won the bronze medal in the 1976 Olympic Marathon. He finished fourth that day in Montreal, but winner Waldemar Cierpinski is widely believed to have doped under the state-controlled East German system. No matter. Kardong is not one to cry over spilled milk. He quickly moved on, and had a profound influence over American road racing as director of the famed Bloomsday race in his hometown, Spokane, WA, and as an early advocate for professional road racing. For many years, Kardong, now 70, was also a feature writer at Runner's World magazine, treasured for his sense of humor. Surely you remember, "Without ice cream, there would be chaos and darkness"? And: "Runners like to train 100 miles a week because it's a round number, but I think 88 is a lot rounder."

Career/profession? I moved to Spokane in 1974 to take a job as a sixth grade classroom teacher. After three years I left to open a running store. I sold that

PROFILE--Doug Goodhue has been running for 36 years

(Oct. 2019) Doug Goodhue is one of the U.S.'s finest distance runners. Period. Those who know him also give him a high ranking for finest people. He's 77, from Milford, MI, and good luck trying to beat him in any age-group competition. The fact that he's still trying to dip under 20:00 for 5K (and coming damn close) gives a little insight. Goodhue has never overly focused on the marathon, racing his best from 5K to 20K, with innumerable individual age-group and team titles on his resume. After a race, he likes beer and burgers, just like every other guy from the Mid West. (Pass the yogurt and kombucha, please.)

Career: Retired from the residential construction business in January 2008.

When and why started running? Came back to running (ran track & cross country in

PROFILE—Dr. Andrew Lovy has been running for 36 ultra years

(Oct. 2019) Dr. Andrew Lovy is an ultra-runner and board-certified psychiatrist. For the last 30 years, he's been helping runners stay on course, literally, during various ultra races. "We all are at the interface between dedicated, persevering, OCD, stubborn, and just plain crazy," he says. At 84, Lovy is still running ultras, having recently completed the 24-hour Cleveland Nationals with 28.2 miles. 

Career? I’m still working 3 jobs, in Kirksville MO.  I also volunteer medical help to runners during ultra races. Was team physician for the US World 24-hour team for 11 years and medical director for the US 24-hour championships for 15 years.

When and why did you start running?  In 1983 I miserably failed my annual physical. I had been a surgeon with the 101st ABN battalion--the first DO in the Army with a commission in the Medical Corps. I made 13 jumps, etc. . We had to be very fit. 

But when I got home, I let myself go until I decided to get fit again to enjoy my life,

PROFILE--Creigh Kelley has been running for 50+ years

(Oct. 2019) A serious runner for 50+ years, Denver's Creigh Kelley has made major contributions to U.S. road racing as a race director, start/finish announcer, and influencer with USATF and other national running organizations. Now 72, he continues running, announcing, and organizing, despite a serious cancer scare in 2012. From that, he learned "to embrace every part of our remaining years." His dog/training partner keeps him centered as well, always getting excited by seemingly-mundane sights and sounds on their early-morning runs. "He helps me appreciate the simple pleasures of the natural world," says Kelley.

Your career/profession? I’ve been a competitive runner, a race director and have held leadership positions in the local and national running community. I was one of the founders of Running USA, the national non-profit running trade association. Fifteen-plus years ago, I was one of the original managers of the

PROFILE--Marge Hickman has been running for 41 years

(Sept. 2019) Marge Hickman was a top woman ultra runner in the mid 1980s with an impressive number of victories and elite performances. At 69, she's still going strong--running about 50 miles a week and racing when she feels like it. Hickman has had plenty of injurie and surgeries along the way,, but nothing keeps her down for long. "Don't get discouraged," she says. "Everything in life takes time, patience, determination, and mental toughness."

Career? I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Moved to Denver, CO in 1972. My husband and I have been retired for four years. I was a legal assistant/paralegal my entire career. In between jobs I attended massage school