PROFILE--South African Brian Chamberlain hit 5DS3 in 2000, and ran a 3:45 marathon last year at 70

Brian Chamberlain on right. Tim Noakes, left;
Johnny Halberstadt, center.
(Jan. 2020) Brian Chamberlain is a member of the 5DS3 group (5 Decades Sub 3 Marathon), but he got there earlier than most. Chamberlain ran his first sub 3 marathon (just barely) in 1967 when he clocked a 2:59:49 in a Johannesburg marathon. A decade later, he hit his personal best, 2:15:25. And in 2000, Chamberlain achieved his fifth decade with a 2:46:46. Now 70, he ran 3:45 last year to place second in his age-group in the South African marathon championships. These days, the two-time winner of the famous Two Oceans Marathon (32 miles; Chamberlain ran 3:15:22 in his first win, and 3:15:23 in his second the next year; consistent?), mixes canoe and