PROFILE: Kitty Consolo has been running (and winning) for 47 years

(Sep 2022) There probably aren't many runners out there who can say they have won more than 500 races. Kitty Consolo is one. A PhD in exercise physiology and qualifier for the first U.S. Women's Olympic Marathon Trials in 1984, Consolo, now 65, lives on Cat Run Road in Granville Ohio. (Yes, Kitty lives on Cat Run.) In her prime, she had a marathon best of 2:42.46. Today, she's still running about 30 miles a week and winning (in her age group) most of the races she enters. This, despite severe asthma and allergies. She follows the advice of legendary basketball coach John Wooden: "Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.” And also her mother: “Leave people and things better than you find them.” 

Career-profession? I have been teaching at the University/College level since fall 1979.  I have a PhD in Exercise Science from Kent State University (1990) and have taught at many places.  I have been at Ohio University Zanesville since 2002 and am very proud and pleased to report that