PROFILE--Janet Cain has been running for 44 years

Cain ran 4:00 in the 2016
Boston Marathon
Janet Cain ran her 70th marathon at the Napa Valley Marathon (NVM) in March (4:32:29) and it was her most challenging, after being declared legally blind in 2017.  She was paced by a friend, as a practice for her next marathon, Boston (16th) in April (4:49:25).  Growing up in the pre-Title IX era, Cain started running on her own. She won her first 10K race and won her second marathon, the Rome Marathon in 1985. Cain also holds the NVM course record for female athletes in the 60 to 64-year-old age group, 3:43:49, which she set in 2014. At 69, Cain has a lifetime marathon PR of 2:58:11, and estimates her lifetime miles at 175,000 miles give or take a few thousand.

Career/Profession: I am a clinical psychologist. Haven’t retired yet. I live in Sonoma, CA.

When did you start running, and why? I started running in 1975.  My life was out of control and I needed a stress reliever. I was in a demanding PhD psychology program at Case Western Reserve University. In addition, my 24-year-old husband was diagnosed with