PROFILE: Herb Townsend has been running for 45 years

Herb Townsend will be 85 in a couple of months, and he's still running about 35 miles a week--an impressive amount. His secret might be that he trains at a slower pace than most, as slow as 20:00/per mile. At the same time, he can still crank 12:00s if he decides to enter a 5K race. "I feel cheated if something (like travel or illness) prevents me from having my daily run," says Townsend, who splits his time between Ocean City, NJ, and Naples, FL. "Maybe it is an addiction, but considering the associated health and fitness benefits, I consider running to be a positive addiction."

Career-profession? After getting a PhD in Materials Engineering and Science from the University of Pennsylvania, I worked for 34 years in the research department of Bethlehem Steel as an Engineer, Supervisor, Division Manager, and Senior Fellow.  Following my retirement, I became an independent