PROFILE: Charles Milliman ran 85 miles on his 85th birthday

Milliman ran 85 miles on his 85th birthday.
It didn't all happen in daylight.
(Sept. 2019) Chuck Milliman is not your average octogenarian. In fact, he’s probably not your average anything. On his 78th birthday he ran 78 miles. That was so much fun that he ran 80 miles on his 80th birthday, and this year ran 85 miles on his 85th birthday.  When he’s not running, he practices the pole vault in his backyard pit that he built with his son. A retired pastor from Sequim, WA, Milliman sometimes imagines what the geese and deer on his favorite loop are saying the umpteenth time he passes: “There he goes again, what a handsome man!”

Career/profession: After graduating high school in 1951 I took on odd jobs: construction worker, butcher, laying railroad ties, nothing took hold so I signed up for a college correspondence course in electronics, which ultimately led to a job with Boeing in Seattle, where I worked for five years. Along the way I married Shirley and