PROFILE--John Cahill is running (and racing) strong at age 95

Cahill races a 5K in Utah last fall.
(5-2019) In John Cahill's most recent race, the first weekend in April, he clocked a 2:54:25. That's about 10 minutes faster than his marathon time 23 years ago when he was 72. Of course, now that he's 95, Cahill is not running hard marathons any longer. As he says of his recent 2:54: "Not bad for an 11K." And we agree. He also says, "I will continue to get to the start lines on time, and to reach the finish." We like that attitude too, because it's all about attitude. Right?

Your career/profession? I practiced law for 26 years.  Then I decided to get an honest job. I am in the ski lodge business now.

When did you start running and why? I started in 1986 when I was 62 years of age.  I started running because I was overweight and wanted
to return to my svelte figure.

How much did you run in your peak years, miles/week? Normally 45-50 miles/week.  But preparing for a marathon I would run 65-70 miles/week.

Top race performances, or running achievements you are most proud of? My marathon run in 3:05:50 when I was age 72. I also ran a 1:30:52 half marathon that year.
95th birthday celebration

Estimated lifetime miles? 60,000 to 70,000 miles

How much are you running and cross-training now? Strength work? Stretching? Now, because the cartilage in my left knee has disappeared, I run very little. But I do swim and bike.

If you still race, please provide a somewhat recent race result or two. 
The last 2-3 years I have only run 5K’s.  My times are always about 60 minutes. Wheee!  But I go to the start line and I finish. In 2017 I ran 26 5K’s.

Does it bother you that you are slower now? I am not the least concerned with running 20-minute miles.  I am proud to be running at age 95.  I maintain motivation by staying involved in all types of movement.  Ego and the chance to demonstrate to others the health and life benefits of exercising and all movement type sports keep me moving.

How have your diet and weight changed through the years? Medications, supplements? My diet has been basically the same throughout all my running years; I weigh 4 pounds more (139 lbs) than my best running weight (135 lbs). With all the maladies of old age, I take 6 prescription drugs and 10 vitamins and minerals. I believe in all of them. 

Racing in Italy, April, 2019
What injuries or other health issues have you faced through the years? How have you dealt with these? Bad heart, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, neuropathy, etc.  I deal with them by following doctors' orders.

Inspirational quote? In my marathons, I used to say, "God: You pick ‘em up and I will lay them down." It worked.

Three tips for lifetime running?
1--Keep running.
2--Continue the diet that works for you.
3--Get plenty of rest as you train, especially before a race.

How does running & fitness improve your life on a daily/weekly basis? When I would feel down, I would run and exercise.  It keeps me fit, mentally awake and alert. It also keeps me out of bars and saloons.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned from running? For me, running and exercise have been one of the keys to my long life. So was my momma. Running keeps me mentally, physically and psychologically fit. In two words, keep moving.