PROFILE--Neil Rosen has been running for 40 years

(June 2020) Neil J. Rosen seems to be a man of few words. That makes him like a lot of other runners. He began running 40 years ago, ran many strong races in the Philadelphia area (including a best marathon of 2:33:24), and now lives in Tucson AZ. At 67, he still races frequently, and wouldn't mind if he could turn back the clock a few years. "I detest getting older and slowing down," he admits. He keeps at it because he's inspired by the many stalwart age-group runners that he races against (or reads about in articles like this one.) Also, he's no quitter, believing that "The final chapter hasn't been written until you've given up."

Retired draftsman, aerospace telemetry.

When did you first start running, and why? I started running in April, 1980--40 years ago. First for
fitness, then for the enjoyment of competition.

How much did you run in your peak years? About 60 to 65 miles a week.

Top performances? Below are some of my best times.
5K: 15:55
10K: 32:12
10M: 54:15, Broad Street Run
1/2 Marathon: 1:12:08, Philadelphia Distance Run
Marathon: 2:33:24, Philadelphia Marathon

Estimate of total lifetime miles? About 105,000.

How much are you running and cross-training now? I run about 20 miles per week, more if I feel up to it. I do strength training once per week.

Do you still race? Any recent results? Ran 13 races last year including a half marathon and occasionally placed top three in my age group. In the half marathon, I ran 2:14:26.
Does getting older and slower bother you? I detest getting older and slowing down. I'm motivated to once again be competitive with my peers. I feel as if I have unfinished business. I am very much inspired by runners who are older than me and still running well.

Any diet or weight changes?
I keep my weight down, try to eat healthy and use no vitamins, minerals, or supplements.

Injuries or health obstacles? I've had the typical range of injuries and usually am able to figure out how to fix them. When they're persistent I get professional help.

A favorite quote: "It's been a grand journey---well worth taking.......once!" Winston Churchill

Three tips for hopeful lifetime runners?
1--Think long term.
2--Learn the difference between discomfort and pain.
3--Get lots of sleep.

How does improve your life on a daily/weekly basis? It keeps me centered and balanced.

Your philosophy of life, running, and aging? The final chapter hasn't been written until you've given up.